I’d like a medium with creamer Please

Fill mine all the way

No whip, sitting a top

I’ve got something you will like

The barista says

Wait, try this… Here you go

What do you think?

Tall and strong it stands

Side eye she gives but grasps in hand

The way she holds its boldness

Firm grip, Legs crossed

deep into daily episodic thought

Her lips slightly open ready

Warm and steaming as she guides

Slowly filling space, she pulls back

Thighs clinch and squeeze

What is this the order he placed?

Unexpected and different

Damn, I needed this, there is something

About the smoothness of

Strong dark and black

Warm to her lips,

Again, she sips….



I love you

In that space

Between the heat of day

And the cool of night

Magical that chase

You know day after night

Night after day

I’ll just lay

How beautiful you are today



You and me…individual trees

On either side of the flowing stream

Witnesses to untold stories and dreams

Swift current strong are the roots Long reaching branches touching

Many the years gratefully to witness

The time taken for blooms of all things

Raising under the sun and the washing rain

Studied one another we did,

Naked in fall but full in spring

Not important the matters of philosophical things

Change comes

Can you feel the wind?




I remember the first time I held you

It was the first-time love was tangible

I cried that day

because I knew one day you would grow and be beautiful

A woman making strides in life

Shelter you I would from heartache or any pain…

Sooner than thought pain would strike

when a nurse with unprovoked intent gave your first shots

The pain ached through my body as your vocals reached my heart

Your eyes innocent closing tight

my heart racing and streaming tears jump to fight

Unknowing adventures and challenges

Lay ahead you filled my heart with anticipation

I need for a pause in time to enjoy all your days again

I say I’ll run with you forward into better days which are still on the horizon

You’re brave, strong and courageous

continue to lead and be the example for not only your sister and brother

but all those who follow

You are your mother’s heart and your father’s smile

Be brave and continue to strive and go that extra mile

I love you



The sound of Waves


Toes in the sand walking

Dress flowing blue petals in motion

Slender blades of Grass…..thrash

Bending clouds meandering

Sun hiding but rays still peaking, smiling

Warm grains filling space

As the earth gives way

Breeze carrying fragrance to nose

Blue, gray and white crashing

Distant the ocean it’s strength shows

Back and forth over and under

The sound of waves eyes now know

Lightning as thunder rolls

Recognizable when closed

Storm’s rolling at my feet soothing my soul

A voyage embarking out to sea we go

A return as storm’s reach shore

Peaceful this pace along the line

More storm’s approaching but nothing like

The ones left behind.




Footprints in the clouds I’m walking now

The plane familiar, like those of ground

Valley’s and hills abound not like I imagined

No sound

Funny that spark of inspiration

Why this journey for me

Thoughts while sitting in row expression is artistry

Lifted off and contemplating into my soul

As theory’s of life fly

I’m unpacking and letting go


A blues for Jazz

Aged oak oscillates heads sway
experienced souls, voices unknown
Breeze carrying inaudible timber
Scratching matches, lite
Curling smoke rises carrying
Sight into open skies
Ears open hearing the composition
Distant rumbling tracks
The horn blaring slack
Memories come rushing back
That scene, rooms sparse
A Vibe, holding hostage a romance
Between notes never played and songs
Never danced
You can hear it…close your eyes...